An exciting new way of presenting luxury properties in New Zealand and the Pacific to global travellers.
There’s been a significant shift in the wants of luxury travellers.

It’s no longer just about staying at luxury accommodation and enjoying that facility for a few nights. It’s now about adding experiences around regional food and wine, local culture, authentic activities and events to make the holiday more memorable.

Navigate can introduce NAVIGATE+ with a high level of confidence following the success of our “Something For Nothing” marketing program over the past four years. And such has been the demand from the global supply chain we are re-branding the program to attain an even broader reach with our White Label web and print brochure – further positioning our member properties as must-stay places.

For our members, NAVIGATE+ provides the opportunity to showcase their properties to the supply chain and influential global media for this niche market. That all adds up to more effective marketing, more targeted exposure and more bookings.

Some 80 suppliers pre-launch have signed up to be part of Navigate+ increasing penetration for member properties in the luxury market.Navigate+ adds even more. It’s built on the solid proving ground of sustainable business:

  • It’s about rewards, NOT discounting – the longer they stay the better the reward for the traveller
  • It’s all about providing what the traveller and supplier want
  • It meets the market expectation by luxury travellers of providing added value for longer stays
  • It meets the marketing assistance and training wants of the luxury global supply chain
  • It builds on creating exceptional experiences for the luxury traveller and knowledgeable sell options for the supplier

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It’s now about adding experiences around regional food and wine, local culture, authentic activities and events to make the holiday more memorable.

How We Work With The Global Supply Chain

We have locked in the supply chain by again delivering level of service second to none in this category. The supply chain receives:


The NAVIGATE+ white label website will work as a click through on existing websites of our partners in the supply chain.

The luxury traveller will be able to view our member properties on this site. The website is available in four languages: English, German, French and Mandarin and a selection of colour ways to fit with their own brandings.


The NAVIGATE+ white label brochure will be able to be viewed and downloaded from existing websites of our supplier partners.

Our suppliers have the advantage of being able to have multiple printing of our Navigate+ brochure’s 100% branded with their individual company insignia to use as a hard copy brochure for their clients and for use in marketing and trade shows, they participate in. The brochure is available in four languages: English, German, French and Mandarin.

Navigate+Training & Support

Navigate has invested heavily in on-line software for professional webinar training over the past 4 years. All our supply chain partners are provided with up to the minute comprehensive training through our webinar training program on our members. In just the past year Navigate have trained over 4500 global reservation agents and their travel agents with our webinar software.


NAVIGATE+ utilizes a smart email program to communicate on a regular basis with supply chain partners and media outlets to promote member properties. Navigate databases number over 45,000 international and domestic luxury sellers and media. Our software cuts through spam filters and provides in-depth statistics of who is reading our communications.



For 10 years Navigate Oceania has undertaken specific marketing modules for our members directed to improve their positioning and placement of their small luxury hotel within the supply chain and to the consumer base.

Our marketing modules offer a 100% solution to a range of absolute must haves for a small luxury hotel’s marketing mix.


  • Acclaimed, proven and strategically implemented.
  • Professionally managed marketing programs
  • Annual Navigate domestic product update (full day training seminar for inbound)
  • Online travel agent website management and optimization
  • Website development and management of ongoing optimization
  • Brand development, marketing plans with results.


  • This is a showcase to the entire worldwide supply chain via a White Label website and brochure individually populated with the supplier logo’s and contact details. Your product reaching tens of thoughts of consumers a year plus we train over 5,000 travel professionals a year via webinar sales training and eDM and social media communications.
  • The NAVIGATE+ website works as a click through on the supply chains existing websites. The Luxury traveller will be able to view our member properties on these sites and the consumer can download a NAVIGATE+ printable brochure highlighting all our member properties.


  • Highly sophisticated and regarded global and domestic communication programmes
  • Print and e-direct newsletters
  • Social Media marketing and management
  • Past guest database management and ongoing marketing strategy
  • Navigate Confidential, our in-house themed annual magazine – global distribution of 24,000

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